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The Company

Agartha Capital is a premium alternative real estate asset and investment management company. It manages the REIT, Agartha Real Estate SOCIMI, a pioneer in the creation of collaborative professional and living environments. The company is active in the Spanish and Portuguese market and intends on taking advantage of new expansion opportunities in other markets such as France, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom and Latin America.

Our international team has extensive experience in the real estate and financial sectors providing them a broad vision of the market, which is crucial when it comes to identifying and actively managing assets and executing a structured rotation of the portfolio. All of this is done within a moderate risk profile and prioritizing investments in those assets located in urban areas, allowing for the implementation and development of co-working and co-living models.


Miguel Ángel Capriles

Miguel Ángel has been Chairman of Inversiones Capriles since 1998. He is …

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Juan Portilla
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Juan is a professional with extensive experience in the financial and …

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Emanuele Boni
Member of the Board

Emanuele is Chairman of Riva Asset Management and Founding Partner …

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Francisco Vázquez
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Francisco has extensive experience in the Real Estate market …

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Filippo Buffa
Investment Management

Filippo has over 10 years of experience in real estate investment management…

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Federico Rosales
Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO)

Federico has extensive experience in the financial sector where he has spent …

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Pedro Pinheiro
Business Development Manager

Pedro Pinheiro has several years of work experience in Corporate Finance and …

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Santiago Ramón y Cajal
Business Manager

Santiago spent 9 years at Telefonica, SA. He started as an associate for …

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Gabriela Duarte

Gabriela worked as an analyst at CAF – Development Bank of Latin America …

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A form of experimenting with
co-working &


Agartha Capital started with the idea of introducing into the Spanish real estate market, through Agartha Real Estate SOCIMI, new trends based on flexible spaces that have been well received in other markets at an international level. 

With the aim of creating collaborative ecosystems, Agartha Capital focuses on acquiring and managing assets in major European cities to remodel and adapt them into co-working and co-living spaces. Two models that in the coming years will revolutionize the traditional real estate sector.


The concept of the traditional office has evolved significantly in recent years due to the growing demand for flexible working spaces. As a solution to this change the model of co-working has emerged.

This concept is a new way of understanding the workspace in a digitalized world. We are talking about shared working offices for the self-employed, startups and multinationals. It consists of a flexible model in which users rent a space adapted to their needs and where entrepreneurs benefit from the synergies that arise with other companies in the same community.

The number of co-working spaces has grown considerably over the last years. A new concept that has burst with force and that will maintain its progress in the next years.


Inspired by co-working and the trend of sharing and taking advantage of spaces, co-living has emerged for the residential market. A booming phenomenon that allows individuals to share residences, working spaces, common areas, interests, etc. 

It is a model that promotes the exchange of ideas, coexistence and interaction between those who live in a community. The nature of this shared lifestyle consists of a living agreement where common areas and resources are shared, offering a better quality of life for residents by providing a series of benefits such as accessibility, comfort and social belonging.

Media Room

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JUL 25TH 2019 El Pais

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JUL 22TH 2019 EjePrime

Agartha Real Estate Socimi makes its debut on Pan-European stock exchange valued at 28 million

JUL 22TH 2019 El Confidencial


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